• Deanna Schmidt

Looking Ahead in 2021

Updated: Feb 10

Being Smart About the Unknown

Again and again, we heard 2020 described as unprecedented. This year was characterized by COVID, it’s effects on the economy, the protests in June and renewed focus on racial equity, bringing about the need for constant flexibility and adaptation.

When we developed the Space+ program in 2018, our goal was to give tenants more options – flexible terms to give them more control of terms as their company grows, flexible design to be able to add more or less space to meet them where they are, and a simple process – prefurnished, simplified lease agreements, and quick move ins – to streamline the process.

It turns out that this flexible mindset prepared us well for the changing environment. Our business flexed (excuse the pun) and adjusted. We have had to change our thinking about materials and furniture, how and when people use spaces, and how often they are in them. Our property teams had to instantly become experts on hygiene and space cleanliness. And new standards had to be implemented almost overnight.

As the world starts to think about coming back to the office – and those companies who never left continue to operate onsite – we hope to provide you with resources to make the best office decisions for your company in this ever-changing environment.

This is our first post of many – stay tuned for more.