• Deanna Schmidt

Sneak Peek: 1220 19th Street

Introducing 1220 19th Street - our newest Space+ property coming online in June 2021!

We started planning this space at the beginning of the pandemic. As the effects of COVID continued, and working remotely became the norm, we had to really consider what the working space of tomorrow will look and feel like. We spoke to our partners - architects, space planners, and furniture suppliers - to understand how to design a new sort of space . We also listened as our tenants voiced their concerns with both staying away and coming back to the office. We even did our fair share of experimenting as our team came back to the office (masked and socially distanced)!

What we found is that collaboration is key. We've all learned how to be productive at home, but creating the opportunities not just for purposeful teamwork but also chance run-ins with a coworker that inspires a new line of thinking is what we've been missing.

1220 takes on that challenge with touch down furniture, plenty of open space, and direct access to fresh air via a balcony. The office suites have flexible furniture that allows for heads-down work, but also invites teams to have the spontaneous run-ins that they've been missing.

Today is just a sneak peek, but take a look around. We'll be sharing the floorplan, office layout, and amenities in the coming weeks as we pull together finishing touches and construction begins.

Contact us if you want to learn more.